What is IUI and Tips to increase its Success Rate?

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination, which is a method of artificial insemination used to treat infertility. A woman’s uterus is implanted directly with the best sperm picked from washed sperm. A fertilized egg is released by your ovary after some time has passed.

According to the Best Fertility & IVF specialist in Greater Noida, there are a variety of conception procedures available today. The first is IUI, or intrauterine insemination. Before we begin the IUI procedure, it’s important to understand how the method works.

IUI Procedure

IUI, or intrauterine insemination, is a form of artificial insemination used to treat infertility. This technique involves picking the best sperm from washed sperm and implanting it directly into the uterus of the woman. Once time has passed, your ovary releases one or more eggs for fertilization.

Suggestions And Tips For A Successful IUI

Because each woman’s infertility situation is unique, each case requires a unique treatment plan. Not every artificial insemination method is suitable for every woman who wishes to have a family. Many other factors, including age, infertility, and stress levels, have a part in the effectiveness of your IUI procedure.

Here are some helpful hints for making your IUI pregnancy a success:
  • Make an appointment with a fertility specialist
  • Research doctors before choosing one.
  • Consuming a healthy diet
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke
  • Exercising lightly is a good idea.
  • De-stress and anxiety management
  • Take the supplements as directed.
  • Continue to be joyful.
  • Have a Sex Session After IUI

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