Male Factor Infertility

One physical indication of male infertility is impotence, which is the inability to have and maintain an erect penis during intercourse. Another indication of male reproductive difficulties is retrograde ejaculation, which causes a “dry orgasm” since the sperm is not ejaculated out of the body but into the guy’s bladder.

Genetic and chromosomal diseases, as well as sperm production and delivery issues, have no symptoms.

Male infertility testing

Male infertility tests are performed at our clinic and may include the following:

A general physical exam and medical history are performed to grasp a patient’s overall health better.

Semen testing reveals the amount of sperm with good structure and shape (morphology), the quantity produced, sperm motility (movement), and sperm quality.

Hormone levels and antibodies might suggest that sperm production is average and that antibodies are not destroying sperm.

Genetic testing is used to confirm or rule out potential chromosomal abnormalities.

Ultrasounds are used to detect abnormalities in the internal reproductive organs.

Biopsies are performed to determine the presence of infection or malignancy.