Patient Story

When it comes to trying to conceive, sometimes the best way to get pregnant is to remove any blockages in your fallopian tubes. Tubal patency and HSG tests can help determine if there are blockages in your tubes and whether or not they’re causing problems with your fertility. A couple who had been trying to conceive for two years visited our clinic. Each test came out normal.
Dr. Priyanka Kalra Babbar recommended they do a tubal patency test after a thorough evaluation. After the test, with Dr. Priyanka’s assistance, the patient became pregnant during the same Cycle.

The benefit of HSG and tubal patency is this. It increases the likelihood of conception and removes small tubal blockages. The uterine cavity is imaged during this examination using sound waves, and your fallopian tubes are also evaluated. We may suggest an HSG as the next stage in your treatment plan if your tubal patency test was negative but you haven’t been able to get pregnant after trying for two years. It increases the likelihood of conception and removes small tubal blockages!

This is the advantage of Tubal patency and HSG. it clears minor tubal blocks and improves pregnancy chances.
So that we can be sure there aren’t any conditions that might be creating troubles or delays, I always advise obtaining a medical checkup before attempting to conceive. Whenever you have one of my patients, it’s crucial to keep us informed about everything; we want to be aware of everything that happens so that we can ensure you get the most from your treatment plan.